The latest trends from Information Technology Exhibitions

The latest trends from Information Technology Exhibitions

With the rapid development of the Industry 4.0 era, the trend of digital technology transformation has brought many strides for businesses in Vietnam to help improve production lines, while opening up many opportunities for cooperation with international brands. In addition, the exhibition is an ideal technology demonstration playground for businesses, service providers to have the opportunity to connect visitors or potential business partners. In  the article below, RX Tradex would like to update the latest trends from leading IT exhibitions in Vietnam, providing an overview to help businesses easily grasp industry advancements and outstanding events.

The latest trends from leading IT exhibitions in Vietnam.

1. Vietnam ICTComm.

About Vietnam ICTComm Information Technology Exhibition:  This is the largest international specialized trade exhibition on Information Technology (IT), Telecommunications and Electronics in Vietnam and the top in Asia. In addition to being the most anticipated annual event of the year for the Information Technology industry,  This is also where businesses have opportunities such as: Promoting brands, products, services, finding customers, partners, quality suppliers in the field including: Electronics, telecommunications, media, finance, education and gaming (gaming).

At Vietnam ICTComm Information Technology Exhibition, there will be 6 specialized fields such as: E-commerce, IoT & 5G solutions, electronics, software & applications, games, digital marketing & web.

The latest trends from Vietnam ICTcomm Information Technology Exhibition:

· AI artificial intelligence: AIoT chip and Bluetooth chip can recognize voice offline applications in Smart Home/Automotive/Medical/Security. In addition, robots integrated with AI artificial intelligence are now available in many languages that bring convenience and meet the needs of many countries, namely: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Japanese,...

· Internet of Things IoT: Using IoT communication terminals as a starting point, combining edge computing and big data cloud platforms, and implementing intelligent data collection, transmission and control for application in: Water conservation/agriculture/smart audiovisual, ...

· Global IT commerce in the B2B (Business without boarders) space: Providing a secure, stable and seamless commerce ecosystem worldwide thanks to the adoption of digital technologies, especially cloud platforms. Application for IT, consumer electronics and mobile products such as:  Laptops/desktops, storage devices, smart watches, electronics,...

In addition, at Vietnam ICTComm Exhibition, there are also the presence of brands providing components, accessories, cables, infrastructure to support the implementation of technology application projects in practice for each enterprise.

2. Vietnam Expo International Trade Fair.

About Vietnam Expo: This is the oldest annual event in Vietnam. Over the past 30 years, Vietnam Expo has become a prestigious playground for Vietnamese businesses to promote and introduce products, as well as world traders to choose to seek partners to invest in Vietnam.

At Vietnam Expo, there will be many fields and industries on display such as: "National Brand & Export" enterprises, international pavilions, electronics/machinery, equipment & supporting industries, digital technology/e-commerce, food industry.

The latest trends from Vietnam Expo:

· DDoS mitigation based on distributed cloud: Flood  Shield is a fast and effective DDoS protection solution against denial of service attacks (such as SYN/ACK/UDP/HTTP Flood,...) in real-time, acting as a shield to ensure the stability and reliability of online services and infrastructure. Some applications such as: AI protection & machine learning, DDoS L3/4, DDo2 L7 mitigation,...

· Safe Internet solution for families: The application is installed on the phone using cloud computing technology, capable of resisting phishing attacks, preventing connections to servers providing malicious code, helping parents proactively protect their children against malicious information,  and prevent content that is inappropriate for children.

· Interactive 3D technology via virtual application system (VR) and augmented reality (AR): This solution is used to create virtual reality and augmented reality applications in just a few days, on multiple platforms with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Besides,  Technology is also applied in the fields of marketing and advertising, design and development, publishing and tourism, culture and education.

· High-tech security systems and equipment: With applications of image  recognition, computer vision, radar, video, thermal image surveillance, the solution helps protect the complex of state facilities, fuel and energy, industrial systems, airports, intelligent transportation, ... creating the best multispectral systems.

The above solutions will be flexibly applied in many different fields and industries depending on the characteristics, scale and finance of each specific business or individual.

3. Exhibition on mechanical - automation VECA.

About VECA Information Technology Exhibition:  This is a specialized event on Control, Automation and Industrial Equipment with businesses, typically in the field of mechanical engineering – automation of the city. The exhibition is held every 2 years, where many products from the fields of material technology, automation and renewable energy gather.

The latest trends from the VECA Information Technology Exhibition:

  1. Power and temperature monitoring software: Application in managing and monitoring power consumption in large-scale, difficult-to-control power systems such as buildings, apartments, commercial centers, factories, smart city projects (Smart City) ,... monitor the temperature in hospital medicine cabinets, vaccine warehouses,...

  2. IIoT Gateway application:  Easily deploy IIoT (Industrial IoT) models according to customer requirements, especially such as: Livestock farm monitoring, temperature monitoring, wastewater treatment, environmental monitoring,...

  3. Altium Designer technology in PCB circuit design: Create designs with real-time information provided without changing the previous way of working, have the right to transfer projects from concept to production intuitively and synchronously.

Information technology solutions from VECA are suitable for smart city projects, factories, production facilities, building systems,...

4. SMART CITY ASIA International Exhibition.

About SMART CITY ASIA Information Technology Exhibition:  This is an international specialized exhibition in the field of Smart City Technology in Vietnam, where leading domestic and foreign enterprises gather. The event contributes to promoting cooperation, implementing smart city projects, effectively exploiting social resources to solve challenges through digital technology platforms.

The exhibition topics revolve around groups of solutions on: Public lighting technology, security and safety systems in the smart city ecosystem, equipment for building and managing smart buildings/apartments, environmental treatment solutions,  Digiwin-Metaverse applications in production management, urban planning,....

The latest trends from SMART CITY ASIA Information Technology Exhibition:

· Edge computing and cloud computing: Connect, protect, analyze and use all data, applications anywhere, people and things, and business models to support the establishment of smart cities.

· AI-based analytics systems:  Applications that operate in real-time, require little data training, no labeling, require fewer cameras than other technologies, including: Anonymous tracking (with privacy protection) and traffic congestion management; video analytics,  sounds and smells from sensors/cameras moving on drones, robots.

· Spatial analysis based on electronic document management systems: The platform creates a digital twin of the city through connecting different types of data and systems. The solution integrates and normalizes diverse data, turning that information into beautiful and detailed visualizations on the map. Applications of electronic document management systems such as: Analysis of parking status in the city, accidents on the road, mapping of flood-prone areas,...

· Contactless access control system: This solution is a contactless time attendance and temperature measurement system - biometrics. The system is powered by facial recognition, which digitally automates your attendance and temperature measurement in a hygienic and efficient manner.

The solutions at Smart City Asia as the name implies will create a future city with a lot of smart utilities, ensuring safety and convenience, comfort for people to live.


Above RX Tradex has just compiled the latest trends from leading IT exhibitions in Vietnam. These technologies are inevitable changes in the whole digital transformation process towards the goal of industrialization and modernization of the country. Each of the above applications will not be able to exist independently in the general picture, but tend to combine with each other to create a comprehensive, thorough and optimal solution. Also aiming at these trends, the exhibitions organized by RX Tradex in 2023: Vietnam Manufacturing Expo, METALEX Vietnam, NEPCON Vietnam and Waste and Recycling Vietnam will be held  in 2024 . The events will be an opportunity for businesses to access many of the latest trends in machinery, equipment and technology in the fields of metalworking, electronics, supporting industries and waste management.