The launch of the Enterprise Initiative Community Project in 2023


The Enterprise Initiative Community Project 2023 is organized to support businesses in Southeast Asia to find business partners and potential customers, promising to bring individuals and businesses useful activities, opening up opportunities for domestic and international business connections. Here are the details of the project:

1. Introduction of the enterprise initiative community project 2023

On March 21, 2023, RX Tradex Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement with the partner of the Business Innovation Zone Project as well as announced the launch of two major exhibition events, namely the International Industrial Exhibition (VME 2023) and the International Electronics Show (NEPCON Vietnam 2023).

The framework of the program focuses on the topic of the 3 most important factors in the operation of business models, including People - Technology - Communication. Therefore, the project promises novelty, creativity and usefulness for businesses in the process of implementing strategies on organizational management and team development.

As planned this year, the project will bring 5 seminars, 4 discussions, 2 forums, 2 skills training programs for leaders and business managers exclusively for exhibitors, visitors and partners participating in 02 international exhibitions VME and NEPCON Vietnam 2023.

VME 2023 and NEPCON Vietnam 2023 will feature leading players in the fields of Testing Technology, SMT, Equipment, Surface Component Welding and Smart Manufacturing from the United States, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Germany, Singapore and India.


1.1 International Industrial Exhibition - VME 2023

VME 2023 will take place in 3 days (09 - 11/08/2023) at Viet Soviet Palace - I.C.E Hanoi. Coming to this event, visitors will have a face-to-face meeting with more than 200 leading brands of machinery and technology equipment from more than 20 countries.

In particular, 10,000 units from the manufacturing industry also contributed to support the discovery of breakthrough advances in optimizing productivity and transforming modern lines.

Exhibitors from domestic and international brands will participate in introducing products with attractive demonstration activities according to each time frame on LED screens. Thereby, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the miniature industrial market at the VME exhibition hall.

1.2 International Electronics Show - NEPCON Vietnam 2023

NEPCON Vietnam 2023 is available in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, customers can participate on 06 - 08/09/2023 at Viet Soviet Palace - I.C.E. For Ho Chi Minh City area. In HCMC, NEPCON will take place from October 4 to 6, 2023 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC).
This is the most influential and only organized Electronics Exhibition series in Vietnam.  NEPCON Vietnam 2023 is considered a great playground for businesses to introduce their latest technology products to more than 10,000 potential customers and partners.

With the gathering of more than 300 leading business brands from Asia, along with more than 5,000 managers, experts and industrial engineers, ... The 48-hour NEPCON exhibition series will provide exclusive information about the latest products and technology trends in the 4.0 era. At the same time, the program will also organize useful business matching activities for businesses.


2. Objectives of the enterprise initiative community project

The Enterprise Initiative Community Project was established to support manufacturers in the fields of supporting industries, manufacturing and electronics to introduce products, find investors and potential partners. This is a playground to help businesses expand their domestic and international markets, access international business opportunities, and participate in global supply chains.

In addition, foreign investors always evaluate Vietnam as an extremely potential market to develop the field of supporting industries, manufacturing and electronics. To harness this great opportunity and connect businesses with businesses, the Enterprise Initiative Community Project officially kicked off with many practical activities ahead of VME and NEPCON 2023.

Through two annual international exhibitions, RX Tradex expects to successfully create practical business expansion opportunities for businesses in the technology and electronics industries.

3. Typical activities of the project 2023 - Factory Visit Trip 2023

To continue the success of factory visits in previous years, in 2023, the Enterprise Initiative Community Project will also organize a factory tour program in Vietnam and Thailand (Factory Visit Trip).

This will be a potential opportunity for visitors, exhibitors of VME Exhibition and NEPCON Vietnam Exhibition as well as participating partners to experience the most professional and modern working process in the region. Coming to Factory Visit Trip 2023, business representatives will have the opportunity to visit the factory infrastructure and learn about processes production, how to operate the factory along with the production of advanced products today.

To ensure the usefulness of the program, the factories selected to visit must meet important criteria such as: High digitization rate (over 40%), application of new technologies and modern machinery, towards the factory model for industrialization - modernization, especially having enough ability to participate in global supply chains to invest in FDI.


4. Benefits of visitors and exhibitors when participating in projects and exhibitions

The Corporate Initiative Community Project promises to provide individuals and businesses with great opportunities to:

  • Visit and experience a variety of discussions, seminars and new product introductions.
  • Exchange and network with manufacturers and industry experts.
  • Cultivate knowledge, skills, experience on how to manage and develop an effective business.
  • Meet and connect with potential customers.
  • Find suitable business partners whose potential cooperation and development to improve product quality for the brand.
  • Learn about how competitors in the industry operate and manage their businesses.
  • Optimize promotion, business strategies and building potential customers for businesses.
  • Showcase, introduce and advertise your business's outstanding products or services, helping to increase brand awareness.
  • Look for investors and distributors who want to support businesses to develop and promote products.

With the above benefits brought by the Enterprise Initiative Community Project , RX Tradex Vietnam firmly believes that the activities of the project in particular and the two international exhibitions in general will take place successfully and bring practical values to exhibitors and visitors. In addition, visitors attending will also update many new trends in the technology and electronics industry, thereby opening up a stronger industry 4.0 era.