What makes NEPCON Vietnam 2023 Electronics Exhibition interesting?

What makes NEPCON Vietnam 2023 Electronics Exhibition interesting?

Businesses are currently dealing with an explosion of technological innovation trends. The globe is seeing an increase in the announcement of ground-breaking goods, services, and concepts, particularly in the electronics industry. However, there are currently few exhibitions taking place in Vietnam that may bring together local businesses and well-known brands in the electronics sector. Due to this, NEPCON Vietnam 2023 Electronics Exhibition produced by RX Tradex firm, comes into being with the intention of assisting local companies in directly experimenting with the most recent technologies in order to develop business models as well as catching up with the current trend globally.

The key characteristics of the 2023 NEPCON Vietnam Electronics Exhibition

Visit the most influential and only Electronic Trade Show in Vietnam in 2023

This year, NEPCON Vietnam 2023 is considered the most influential and only Electronic Trade Show in not only the Vietnamese market but also in the Southeast Asia area.  Businesses, therefore, searching for the most cutting-edge solutions in today's electronics sector will find the event to be the perfect place. Visiting NEPCON Vietnam 2023 will serve as a crucial trade bridge to enable clients visiting to engage with top electronics industry organizations under the topic "Emerging Trends In Electronics - The Future Of Global Supply Chains"

In addition, NEPCON Vietnam 2023 also includes impressive product launches lasting more than 35 hours, expected to attract over 5,000 industrialist management and engineer professionals in 3 days, promising to be which provides exclusive information on the latest electronics technology trends as well as useful business networking activities in the industry.

Opportunities for trade cooperation with more than 300 leading brands in the field of electronics worldwide

With the participation of more than 300 top brands in the electronics industry, NEPCON 2023 will undoubtedly be very beneficial for attendees searching for a breakthrough in their businesses. Businesses and enterprises from more than 20 nations, including Japan, the United States, China, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, and India, will be represented at the NEPCON 2023 Electronics Exhibition. The following are some examples of the typical brands that will be present at the event:

  • AEIS brand: A Singaporean business that was founded on November 7th, 1973. It is a nonprofit organization that speaks for the whole Singaporean electronics market.  Reference: aeis.org.sg
  • DKSH brand: An international provider of distribution and business solutions with a basis in Switzerland that was established in 1860. In terms of technological solutions and technical consulting services, DKSH is currently regarded as a market leader with a wide range of high-quality goods and services in the areas of consumer goods, healthcare, scientific equipment, precision machinery, semiconductors, etc. Reference: dksh.com
  • Chyi Chan brand: Based in Taiwan, this firm, which was founded in 2000, specializes in producing and delivering electronic goods. Chyi Chan pledges to provide consumers with useful and innovative design ideas as part of his business philosophy. Chyi Chan's usual goods include electronic circuits, SMT, control modules, finished IOT solutions, and even more. Reference: chyichan.com
  • Dongguan WS Electronic brand: A Chinese firm that was founded in 2003. This unit, which has extensive expertise in the electronics manufacturing sector, will undoubtedly introduce innovative products and solutions in the areas of connectors, audio video connectors, audio video cables, dc power cables, USB data cables, power connectors, etc. Reference: chinaplug.cn
  • EPI brand: Founded in 2013 and located in Vietnam, the EPI brand is a top provider of electronic goods to several important international markets, including those in Asia, Europe, and North America. Currently, EPI is well-known for its products in the following industries: optoelectronics, semiconductors, industrial automation, technical development tools, and electromechanical. Reference: epi-tech.com.vn
  • Namic brand: A Japanese corporation that primarily produces adhesives, electrical materials, and related goods was founded in February 1947. At the moment, Namic operates on a scale of 699 and is recognized as a global leader in the supply of electronic goods and industrial machinery.  namics.co.jp

Experience directly 8 booths displaying thousands of typical electronic products in 2023

It is expected that thousands of the best electronic products and services this year will be displayed at NEPCON 2023. It features a wide range of exceptional goods produced by significant sectors including those that create electrical components, minerals, and equipment.

  • Electronic components, materials, machines production.
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology )
  • Supporting Industry for the assembly of electronic products.
  • Test Equipment and Technology.
  • LED and Laser Technology.
  • PWB (Print Writing Board).

Visitors at NEPCON 2023 will be able to interact with ordinary objects, real-world applications, and several cutting-edge global technologies. This will undoubtedly be a showcase party showcasing the most advanced innovations available today, including 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and 5G technology. Therefore, in order to gain a competitive edge in the future, organizations might use this information to build a strong connection with the strategic partners.

Update the latest technology trends with a series of in-depth seminars with the participation of leading experts

Visitors will receive an overview of the most recent market trends at NEPCON 2023's unique series of seminars and specialized events, as well as participate in discussions on ground-breaking ideas to enhance corporate performance. business,. In addition, the RX Tradex organizer arranged for in-person meetings and discussions with top industry experts throughout the event. Visitors had the chance to query the advisory board and renowned speakers in the electronics sector for answers. At the NEPCON workshop, the following common seminars and technological update workshops were held:

  • Workshop: IPC Electronics Standards and practical applications.
  • Lean Factory training for e-business in the era of sales by PNQ.
  • Workshop: Updating Technology from Daiichi Jitsugyo.
  • Electronic Forum NEPCON 2022.

Visitors' perception on the advantages of joining NEPCON Vietnam

Ms. Do Thi Thuy Huong, Member of the Executive Committee, Vietnam Electronic Business Association, shared: “NEPCON Electronics Exhibition is an opportunity to support businesses to share and exchange and learn from each other. together towards sustainable development as well as updating trends, advanced technologies and smart manufacturing solutions.”

Mr. George Choo, Chairman of Information and Communication Technology Association of Singapore, expressed his opinion: “With the reopening and the opportunity to participate in the international electronics exhibition NEPCON Vietnam 2022, we are very pleased to be share his knowledge and experience on Singapore technology and telecommunications industry as well as relevant topics needed by Vietnamese partners and all exhibition visitors.”


After 13 years of organization, NEPCON Vietnam 2023 has achieved certain achievements and built a leading role and reputation in connecting world brands to event visitors. It can be said that NEPCON Vietnam 2023 is a trade event not to be missed this year for businesses operating in the electronics field. In addition, visiting businesses can also learn more about RX Tradex's other exhibition events in 2023, including: Vietnam Manufacturing Expo, METALEX Vietnam and Waste and Recycling Vietnam to help connect buyers with strategic business partners.

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