What makes the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2023 interesting to join in?

What makes the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2023 interesting to join in?

With an increasing push toward global economic integration and the fiercer commercial competition, it is crucial for all of the economic players to continually enhance product quality, advance technological innovation, or discover effective operational solutions. Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2023, with its focus on the "Future Factory," thus intends to be an important event that offers several possibilities to network with leading companies and consult thousands of the most cutting-edge goods available in the recent period. With RX Tradex, let's find out together the most reasonable answer for the question "What makes the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2023 interesting to join in?"!

Incentives for participating in the Exhibition on Machinery and Technology for Manufacturing and Supporting Industries

Potential opportunity to explore in the most important international exhibition on Manufacturing and Supporting Machinery, Equipment and Technology in 2023.

Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) 2023 is the leading international exhibition of machinery, equipment, and technology for manufacturing and supporting industries organized by RX Tradex.  With the largest scale in the region and the participation of hundreds of leading enterprises in the industry, VME Expo 2023 is a good opportunity for businesses to seek cooperation opportunities and expand business networks.

Details on the VME Expo 2023:

  • Time: 09 - 11/08/2023.
  • Location:  Hanoi International Exhibition Center - 91 Hoan Kiem District, City, Tran Hung Dao Ward, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Official website: VME 2023.

Cooperating with more than 200 leading machinery and technology brands in the world

In this year, VME Expo 2023 will become a gathering place for more than 200 brands from more than 20 countries in the manufacturing and supporting industries. All will together introduce the latest solutions and products in the manufacturing industry. A number of well-known multinational representers, including:


From the base in Switzerland, the company ABB AUTOMATION AND ELECTRIFICATION nowadays extends its operational scale in over 100 different countries. The ABB brand primarily produces measuring, testing, control-oriented equipment, as well as motors, generators, power transformers, electrical distribution, and control equipment. One such prominent technological aspects that has a significant influence on the future is ABB, namely:

  • Robotic technology.
  • Automation technology.
  • OEM machine builders
  • Petroleum technology.
  • Power generation technology.
  • Printing technology.
  • Pulp and paper solutions
  • Railway technology
  • Solar energy solutions.
  • Water energy solution.
  • Wind energy solutions.
  • ....

Learn more about the company: abb.com


The Taiwanese company DELTA ELECTRONICS primarily is known as a supplier of computer fans, industrial DC and power conversion equipment, power electronics, automation, and other goods. The following are some of the company's most widely recognized divisions:

  • Machinery manufacturing industry.
  • Cement and fertilizer industry.
  • Plastic, packaging, textile, dyeing industry.
  • Food, seafood, sugar processing factory.
  • Mini elevator building.
  • Wastewater, refrigeration system, HVAC treatment.

Learn more about the company:  deltaww.com


With more than 16 years of expertise, the ETEK AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS brand is proud to be a pioneer in Vietnam for automation solutions that address production-related problems. The three primary business sectors in which ETEK is active are equipment for daily use, training tools, and industrial automation solutions. More clearly, some of ETEK's strong specialty areas include, among others:

  • Factory automation solutions.
  • Equipment, vocational training.
  • Automatic parking system.
  • Vending machine.
  • Training Center.
  • Smart logistics.
  • For more information about the company: tpa.com.vn

Learn more about the company: tpa.com.vn


NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL brand was established in 1997, is one of the leading and oldest companies in Vietnam. In addition to being a top robot integrator, Tan Century Company also offers a wide range of exceptional, specially created solutions, including:

  • Welding industry solution package: Fully deploying applications for arc welding, CMT, plasma, laser, spot welding (contact welding), ...
  • Robotic system integration: Automate factories and improve production processes by applying industrial robots to improve output and quality.
  • Intralogistics solutions: Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) solutions.

Learn more about the company: tantheky.com

Building strong connections with more than 10,000 participants from the manufacturing and supporting industries

Technology vendors will find the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo exhibition to be the best venue for networking with more than 10,000 industrialists from all across Vietnam and ASEAN. Additionally, this is the only manufacturing and related industries show in Vietnam that draws hundreds of top businessmen and industrialists. Leading manufacturers including Samsung, Canon, LG, Toyota, Honda, and Thaco have also started to appear, in addition to thousands of individuals holding many other jobs, such as:

  • Senior government personnel and staff of government retail centers: visit and keep up with market developments.
  • Leading organizations' management, production managers, product managers, and factory managers: have access to technical upgrades that help to raise the caliber of training for human resources.
  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment, electronic components, and metal goods and components:  access the opportunities to learn more about innovative technologies and solutions.
  • Construction projects, information technology and telecommunications, engine and motor vehicle units, and transport vehicles: all have the chance to learn and find solutions to increase production and reduce costs.
  • Units in oil and gas and petrochemical, rubber and plastic production, molds processing, furniture sector: visit the leading products that inspire to create and diversify products.

Experience technology products directly and capture the market through the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2023 event

In 2023, the exhibition has the presence of leading technology and engineering brands that will present at international pavilions. In particular, the majority of the brands will originate from the nations with the most developed economies today, including: Japan, the United States, Korea, China, Taiwan (China), Singapore, Thailand, Germany, India, and China. As a result, organizations attending the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2023 event will have the chance to personally sample goods and services as well as discover the most recent technological advancements through a number of categories and sectors of display, including:

  • Machine tools: Drills, grinders, gear cutters, mesh machines, lathes, metal cutters, machining centers, turning centers, drilling centers, and Tapping machines. Besides traditional machine tools, there is also CNC technology with modern machine tools.
  • Machinery, precision measuring instruments, optical measurement: Measuring machines & instruments, balance testers, materials testing machines, spring testers, circular straightness meters & forming tools image, 3D measuring machine. Instruments with the latest measurement technology available today.
  • Mold materials and components: Molds and mold parts, molds and mold steel, stamping dies and punching dies, casting dies, mold bases, cylinders, plastic molds, casting molds, mold design or mold welding machines, etc. The products nowadays are also applied to the most advanced mold making technology.
  • Plastics materials: CNC plastic processing, plastic injection molding machines, blow molding machines, pet blowing machines, plastic film forming machines, injection molding machines, central foaming and granulating machines,... All of them applied the most modern plastic production technology.
  • Sheet metal: Cutting machine, cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, gas cutting machine, laser cutting machine, punching machine, bending machine, original sheet metal fabrication and production, sheet metal accessories ,.. The machine methods all apply the most popular sheet metal processing technology today..
  • Assembly and automation technology: Assembly and handling systems, barcoding systems, safety and security, compressor testing and inspection systems, air dryers, wires, filters and umbrella filters condensers, heat exchangers, hydraulic systems, sensors, vacuum technology,...

Participating in a series of high-end algae fairs at VME 2023 with top industry professionals

One of the most special showcases, VME 2023, will focus on a variety of useful activities to aid businesses in remanufacturing, extending their markets, gaining access to international business opportunities, and taking part in the global supply chain. Many eminent speakers with significant insights and experiences to share with the Vietnamese community of mechanical processors are anticipated to attend the series of specialty seminars at VME 2023. Some typical seminars and programs at VME 2023 can be mentioned as:

  • The leading manufacturing and supporting industry forum in Vietnam with the theme "Production and Sustainable Development with Automation and Digital Twins"[1].
  • The conference schedule at VME 2023 aids in providing an overview of the most recent market developments, such as: Big data, applications for Artificial intelligence,...
  • Technology update seminars and in-depth training courses co-organized by exhibiting brands.

Business impressions during a visit to VME 2022

Mr. Huynh Trung Hieu, a representative of Delta, stated: "For Delta, this is an opportunity to help businesses improve productivity with a complete ecosystem of both hardware and software through automated technology, advanced chemicals, and smart manufacturing solutions"[2].

Mr. Pham Trung Hung, Chief Advisor of PNA, consulted: "Human resources are the driving force for development and overcoming problems on a continuous basis for small and medium-sized firms, especially in the present era of uncertain economic climate. The project's return to practical sharing through seminars and consulting programs to assist companies in utilizing the potential of human resources in production and commercial operations is made possible by the 2023 theme".


One may say that the RX Tradex-produced VME 2023 International Exhibition on Machinery, Equipment and Technology for Manufacturing and Supporting Industries represents an exceptional opportunity devoted to not only inspiring knowledge but also developing more effectively the target customer base in Vietnam's manufacturing sector. In addition, in 2023, RX Tradex company also brings many other exhibition events such as: NEPCON Vietnam, METALEX Vietnam, and Waste and Recycling Vietnam that the economic players can take a deeper analysis about.

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