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Discover cutting-edge technology solutions for sustainable manufacturing at VME 2024

Discover cutting-edge technology solutions for sustainable manufacturing at VME 2024

In the era of modern industry, the application of technology plays a crucial role in sustainable production development. This is a global trend that many businesses are currently striving towards.

1. What is sustainable production?

Sustainable production (green production) is a manufacturing method aimed at ensuring that the production process not only focuses on optimizing efficiency and profitability but also emphasizes minimizing negative impacts on the environment and society.

This requires businesses to apply smart technologies and production processes that save energy, recycle materials, and minimize waste. Sustainable production focuses on building a safe working environment and making positive contributions to the community.

This model has been discussed and solutions have been presented by RX Tradex Vietnam in collaboration with associations such as the Vietnam Electronics Enterprises Association, the Vietnam Supporting Industries Association, and the Vietnam Automation Association at various forums in 2023. Especially at VME 2024, the focus will be on exploring advanced technological solutions for sustainable production, with insights shared by leading experts in the manufacturing and supporting industries.

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2. Why is technology important in sustainable production?

Sustainable production not only refers to optimizing production efficiency but also ensuring that the production process does not have negative impacts on the environment and society. Technology plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Advanced technological solutions can provide tools and means to optimize production processes efficiently and economically, while reducing waste, saving energy and resources, and improving working conditions. Here are some specific reasons:

2.1. Enhancing efficiency

Technology provides solutions to optimize the production process, from automating production stages to using data analytics to optimize operations. This helps enhance productivity and reduce waste in production.

  • Automation of production processes: Using robots and automation systems to perform repetitive or hazardous tasks reduces working time and enhances accuracy in the production process.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technology: Connecting devices and machinery in the production process through IoT helps collect and analyze real-time data, providing accurate, reliable information for adjustment and optimization of production processes.
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics: Applying AI and data analytics technologies to predict market demand, optimize production schedules, thereby increasing opportunities to optimize production efficiency.
  • Smart supply chain management: Using technology to optimize supply chain management, from forecasting raw material demand to tracking goods circulation, helps minimize waiting time and waste in the production process.
  • Automated quality control system: Using automated quality control systems to monitor and ensure that products meet quality standards, reduce production errors, and avoid waste

2.2. Minimizing waste

Technology can be applied to optimize the use of materials and energy, from recycling materials to using cleaner production processes. This helps minimize waste generated during the production process.

2.3. Energy saving

Developing energy-saving solutions such as smart automated control systems, energy management systems, and the use of renewable energy sources also requires businesses to apply technology to production management and operation.

3. Advanced technological solutions for sustainable production at VME 2024

In the context of globalization and the opening of international markets, the industrial sector has seen rapid development. Along with significant benefits, the “race” for profits among businesses also leads to many consequences such as environmental pollution and difficulty in disposing of waste in production. Meanwhile, consumers are becoming more discerning by choosing businesses with sustainable production processes, aiming for more green products.

Therefore, businesses that know how to apply advanced technological solutions for sustainable production will be the key to solving many challenges such as:

3.1. Pressure from competitive challenges in the manufacturing industry

In a competitive and constantly changing business environment, new challenges are posed for businesses in the manufacturing sector in general and sustainable production in particular. At VME 2024, businesses will come together to find solutions to problems such as:

  • Falling behind and losing market share due to intense competition from domestic and foreign competitors.
  • Rising production costs and labor costs.
  • Ways to minimize environmental impacts, use sustainable resources for long-term development.
  • How to find and retain customers.

3.2. Technological solutions for sustainable production

With the challenges mentioned above, applying technological solutions for sustainable production is one of the optimal ways to help businesses solve many problems, from improving production efficiency, optimizing resources and labor to protecting the environment, reducing waste, and emissions from the production process. At the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2024, a grand event attracting hundreds of businesses, brands, and technology experts from many countries around the world, the newest and most advanced technological solutions will be presented and discussed, supporting the goal of sustainable production. Solutions include:

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  • IoT technology allows devices to connect and exchange data with each other.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in production management.
  • Green Technology focusing on minimizing negative environmental impacts.
  • Robotics and automation: Advances in robotics and automation enhance production efficiency and reduce dependence on labor.

4. Conclusion

Technology is not only an important factor but also a crucial tool for promoting sustainable production by optimizing efficiency, reducing waste, and creating environmentally friendly products and services.

Advanced technological solutions play a crucial role in promoting sustainable production. VME 2024 is a great opportunity for businesses to explore new technologies and apply them to optimize their production operations towards sustainability. Additionally, by participating in the VME international industrial exhibition, businesses have the opportunity to collaborate and connect between buyers, sellers, and major trading partners in the industry. Join VME 2024 to experience the most practical business connection activities.