The trend of green transformation in Vietnam’s metal manufacturing industry

The trend of green transformation in Vietnam’s metal manufacturing industry

As environmental protection and sustainable development increasingly become crucial, companies in the Vietnamese metal manufacturing industry are embracing the green transition trend as an integral part of their development strategy. This transition not only benefits the environment but also creates new opportunities and enhances competitiveness for businesses in the sector. In this article, RX Tradex focuses on the trend of green transformation in Vietnam’s metal manufacturing industry.

1. What is the green industry?

Green industry is a method or system of producing goods and services that, during production and operation, cause minimal harm to the environment and natural resources compared to traditional methods. The goal of the green industry is to balance economic development and environmental protection, thereby creating a more sustainable industrial sector.

Green industry in the metal manufacturing sector is a method of metal production where companies focus on minimizing negative environmental impacts and optimizing resource utilization. This is achieved through the application of advanced technologies and production processes, the use of renewable energy sources, material recycling, and the reduction of waste and environmental pollution. Additionally, the green industry emphasizes the creation of products and services that are aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, meeting market demands without negative environmental or social impacts.

In a global economy facing challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and environmental pollution, green industry becomes an important part of creating a sustainable and harmonious future for humanity and nature.

2. “Transition” to green trends in the metal manufacturing industry

Greening processes and products are considered new competitive advantages for many businesses in today’s market. The shift towards green practices in the Vietnamese metal manufacturing industry not only brings sustainable benefits to businesses but also contributes to protecting the environment and ecosystems from escalating environmental risks worldwide. The significant benefits of this trend include:

2.1 Optimization of energy and resource usage

Optimizing energy and resource usage in the metal manufacturing industry is becoming an essential part of businesses’ development strategies. Applying these measures not only helps reduce production costs but also positively contributes to environmental protection. Businesses are focusing on trends such as:

  • Applying modern technologies: Metal manufacturing companies are focusing on applying modern technologies to optimize production processes. Modern technology enhances efficiency and reduces the energy required for metal production. Automated and intelligent systems are also used to manage and control production processes more efficiently.
  • Recycling and utilizing recycled materials: Using recycled materials from metal waste is an effective way to reduce pressure on natural resources. Businesses are improving their recycling capabilities and reusing materials such as scrap steel, recycled aluminum, and recycled copper to produce new metal products without the need for new resource extraction.
  • Improving production processes: Improving production processes is an essential part of optimizing energy and resource usage. Companies are implementing measures such as optimizing machine and equipment designs, optimizing cooling and heating processes, and using advanced waste treatment technologies to reduce waste and energy consumption.
  • Investing in clean energy: Investing in renewable energy and clean energy is also an important part of energy optimization strategies in the metal manufacturing industry. Using electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power helps minimize environmental pollution and reduces operational costs in the production process.
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2.2 Wastewater treatment solutions

The metal processing industry is actively seeking to address pressing issues, especially wastewater pollution, such as those from shaping processes (cutting, welding, casting, forging), surface material cleaning stages (rust scraping, removing impurities), product cleaning, and equipment cleaning.

Metal manufacturing companies are actively focusing on reducing waste and environmental pollution. This can be achieved through cleaner production processes, effective waste and wastewater treatment technologies, and pollution control measures.

2.3 Monitoring and compliance with regulations

Metal manufacturing companies in Vietnam are increasingly focusing on achieving environmental certifications and complying with relevant legal regulations. This is not only a social responsibility but also helps increase access to international markets and build trust with customers.

Currently, the state imposes many environmental protection taxes to ensure that businesses have a high level of responsibility in protecting the environment. In addition, each company has a strict management method with its own production process.

Furthermore, collaboration with local authorities at the provincial, district, and commune levels where factories are located is an essential part of the green transition strategy in the metal manufacturing industry. Local governments also need to seriously implement state policies on environmental issues. Companies not only provide clean technology but also create job opportunities and contribute to community economic development, while building sustainable and harmonious relationships with the community.

3. Conclusion

The trend of green transformation in Vietnam’s metal manufacturing industry is not only an important factor in protecting the environment but also an opportunity to enhance competitiveness and achieve sustainable development. The commitment and cooperation of businesses, governments, and communities will play a crucial role in promoting this trend and ensuring a clean green future for the metal manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

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